Irwin Self Storage              

Sizing up Your Needs


Unit Size:            Equivalent To:                             What it Can Hold:

5X5                                   Regular Closet                                            Personal Items, clothes, boxes, skis, children's toys,business records

5X10                                 Walk-In Closet                                            Sofas, mattress and box spring, chairs, chest of drawers, motorcycles

10X10                                Half of 1 Car Garage                                  One-bedroom apartment with major appliances and other furniture

10X15                                Two-thirds of 1 Car Garage                        A two-bedroom apartment or house including appliances and misc.

10X20                                One-car Garage                                          A three-bedroom house with major appliances, car, small boat

10X25                                Large One-car Garage                                A three-four bedroom house, car, up to a 17-18 ft. boat

10X30                                Standard Two-car Garage                           A four-five bedroom house


Please call for current pricing and specials for all of our units.


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